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I’ve had a depressive disorder for years and am finally looking for help. I’m bewildered by the choices: there are psychiatrists, social workers, counselors, and psychologists. Where do I start? View Dr. Greg Simon's Answer

How do I cope with being detached from my emotions? I used to be very suicidal, so this seems to be self-protective. Is it ok? View Dr. Ursala Whiteside's Answer

Any tips on how to make the transition from one medication to another? I've been through many changes in 27 years and every time it's a struggle. View Dr. Greg Simon's Answer

I live with bipolar disorder, and my moods are complete opposites of one another. How can I tell what is the real me?  View Dr. Greg Simon's Answer

My son is nine and has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, ADHD, and OCD. When he is having one of his meltdowns what is the best way for me to help him through it? View Dr. David Miklowitz's Answer

What's the longest a recovery period can be after a depressive episode? And, is it possible to exist in a state where depression kind of hovers over you constantly?  View more detailed question and Dr. Greg Simon's Answer

My daughter is a substance user and also shows symptoms of bipolar disorder. Which should be treated first? View Dr. Greg Simon's Answer

I was diagnosed at age 18 with bipolar disorder and still have the same struggles at 52. I also have PTSD. Is there evidence that adverse childhood experiences prevail as a factor in mood disorders? View Dr. Greg Simon's Answer

I have bipolar disorder. My depression is labeled "atypical". What does that mean? Does that require different treatment? View Dr. Greg Simon's Answer

Is it possible to be hypomanic and depressed at the same time? View Dr. Mark Bauer's Answer

Are there other health conditions that can cause depression and bipolar disorder? My doctor tested my thyroid, which made me think it might be connected. View Dr. Greg Simon's Answer

Sometimes I feel like I need medication, when things get really really dark. But then I fight through those feelings, and when it passes, I feel like I don’t need medication. How do you know if/when it is the right time to start taking a medication for depression? View Dr. Greg Simon's Answer

I have been noticing memory loss lately, after years on different medications. Is this a side effect? Will it get worse or are there ways to make it better? View Dr. Greg Simon's Answer

My doctor tells me that I am “drug resistant” and I can’t seem to find a medication that helps. Any suggestions? View Dr. Greg Simon's Answer

I was prescribed a medication for insomnia. When I take it, I wake up more often than I already did and I feel very hung-over the whole next day. Any suggestions? View Dr. Greg Simon's Answer

I believe my daughter’s psychiatrist is going to be prescribing an antidepressant. What are the most important questions I should ask him about taking an antidepressant? View Dr. Karen Wagner's Answer

What proven strategies—in addition to medication—help improve morale for people who live with bipolar disorder? View Dr. Greg Simon's Answer

About 14 years ago I was diagnosed with treatment resistant depression—and then bipolar disorder. I take a number of meds. In the past few years I've felt better than I have in a long time, but I still also don't enjoy the things I used to. All I want is to get these things back. Is this as good as it gets? View Dr. Greg Simon's Answer

I've taken different antidepressants over the years, and now my body seems to reject medications that helped before. Any suggestions?  View Dr. Greg Simon's Answer

A relative of mine, recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder, has been displaying disorganized thinking, exercising poor judgment without knowing it, overstepping boundaries, with hyper-religiosity. She does not see these things, but her loved ones do. I want to let her know our observations so she can get the right help. How do I gently tell her this without upsetting or alienating her?  View Dr. Greg Simon's Answer

Do treatment plans ever include getting off of medication? I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 17 years ago. I’ve tried—unsuccessfully—to get off medications in the past. Now I am seeing a psychologist and changing my thinking and the people that I hang around with. I've been off medication for three months and feeling fine.  View Dr. Greg Simon's Answer

What advice would you give to a dually diagnosed person about stopping drinking at the cost of increasing symptoms of depression or bipolar disorder? I stopped drinking 10 years ago, and 6 months later a living hell of bipolar disorder was exposed. View Dr. Greg Simon's Answer

My husband and I really want to have children, but I have a family history of mental illness, and I have bipolar disorder. I'm afraid to pass it on to my future kids. My husband worries about this, too. What are my chances of passing this on, and could it potentially get worse? View Dr. Greg Simon's Answer

I have severe depression, but I've often wondered if I have bipolar. My mood constantly changes. One minute I'm fine, the next I'm crying my eyes out. I snap over things I shouldn't get mad over. View Dr. Greg Simon's Answer

Is there a cure for depression? I have been taking medications for over two decades. I exercise, pray, and have changed my lifestyle. There will always be some stress in my life, as I am the sole caregiver of two adult children with special needs. I have literally tried all I possibly can and I just don't seem to get a breather. Can I get well one day? View Dr. Greg Simon's Answer

I have a diagnosis of bipolar, and am taking lithium for my mania. I'm not on an antidepressant, as it will push me into mania, but I'm in so much emotional pain. I only consider taking my life when I'm depressed not manic, what can I do? I need meds for depression, that is what is crucial to keeping me alive. View Dr. Greg Simon's Answer

I've been struggling with depression for over a year to the point where I've begun self-harming. My parents do not know this. I've been wanting to tell them for a while because I truly want help, but I'm afraid. How do I let them know? View Dr. Mary Fristad's Answer

I have depression, and in the past have been hospitalized multiple times for attempting suicide. I don't have insurance; how can I get medication? View Dr. Greg Simon's Answer

Are sweet holiday treats an effective way to cope with holiday blues? Or is it really true that sugary or fatty foods can cause depression or mood swings? View Dr. Greg Simon's Answer

I’ve heard claims about nutritional supplements helping with depression or bipolar disorder. Are any of these supplements actually effective? Could any of them be harmful? View Dr. Greg Simon's Answer

Is depression during pregnancy different from depression at any other time? Is treatment for depression safe or effective for pregnant women? View Dr. Susan L. McElroy's Answer

I've heard that natural lithium is available at health food stores and online. It's supposed to have fewer risks and side effects than prescription lithium. Should I try switching from prescription lithium to the natural kind? View Dr. Greg Simon's Answer

How would I know which type of talk therapy is appropriate for me? I've suffered abuse both as a child and as an adult. I've had problems with amnesia all my life, so never talked about any abuse. Therapists don't want me to go back to the past. What should I do? View Dr. Greg Simon's Answer

Two years ago I ended a long-term relationship that wasn't healthy for me. My mood has been much more stable, and I feel happy for the first time. Can a life circumstance actually change the chemistry in someone's brain to the point where they are no longer bipolar? View Dr. Greg Simon's Answer

I am exercising and eating well and still can't seem to shed the pounds. I am on antidepressants. What can I do?  View Dr. William Gilmer's Answer

I have suffered with depression and fatigue for over 40 years. Is there anything that will help the 'flatness' and 'no motivation'? I cannot make myself do anything. I also sleep pretty much 18 hours out of 24. View Dr. Gary Sachs's Answer

Sometimes I get angry and mean and completely lose control. I am alienating my kids, and I fear they will never want to visit me when they leave to go out on their own. What can I do to control my outbursts? View Dr. Greg Simon's Answer

When I saw a doctor about weight loss surgery, he said I had to have a mental health evaluation from my psychiatrist. What is that for? If I did go ahead with the surgery, how might that affect the medications I take? Is there anything specific I would have to watch out for? View Dr. David E. Kemp's Answer

Is it valuable to have a brain scan even if clinical symptoms are consistent with bipolar disorder prior to assigning the diagnosis of bipolar disorder? View Dr. Mark Bauer's Answer

I've been reading that ketamine can help with severe depression when other treatments haven't worked. Should I ask my doctor to try it? View Dr. Joseph Calabrese's Answer

What are some ways to get over the fears of trusting others? I suffer from depression and borderline personality disorder. I have issues with being around people I don't know because I am afraid I will say or do the wrong thing. Do you have any coping skills or suggestions? View Dr. Holly A. Swartz's Answer

My husband has chronic joint pain and is clinically depressed. To help him with his discomfort he became licensed to use medical marijuana. Can the use of pot intensify depression? I feel uncomfortable with his use of marijuana, especially since we have a teenager with bipolar disorder in the house. View Dr. Greg Simon's Answer

I've been through ECT treatments for 2 years. I worry about the treatments causing long-term damage to my brain. Can any of the current or upcoming treatments replace ECT for treatment of medication-resistant medication illness? View Dr. Greg Simon's Answer

Is there any evidence in support of fish oil supplements to help depression in bipolar disorder? View Dr. Greg Simon's Answer

I got really depressed in April and have been off work. The depression has just started to lift, but now I am phobic. I find going out and socializing hard work. Is this the tail end of the depression? View Dr. Greg Simon's Answer

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