Chapter Leadership Forum

Kean University (Union, New Jersey)
10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Welcome to DBSA's 2014 Chapter Leadership Forum (CLF): From Surviving to Thriving!

I'm sure you've all experienced someone saying to you, "Why would you want to go to a group full of people with depression and bipolar disorder? Wouldn't that be, well, depressing?"

These people have clearly not been to DBSA support groups! If they had, they'd know our groups are full of laughter, fun and, yes, sometimes tears. Depression and Bipolar Disorder are serious illnesses that can make people feel alone, afraid, sad and a miriad of other feelings. But DBSA chapters offer a look into the other side - that people can and do get better, that recovery is possible and that while a reduction of symptoms is a good place to start, we can expect much more.

Attending your DBSA support group may be the first place a person hears this. What an awesome responsibility we all have then to make sure the message is sent loud and clear!

Join us for this special one-day forum for chapter leaders and support group participants. We'll get helpful tips from several of our thriving chapters, learn how to keep our groups recovery-focused and talk about how we can meet people at their level of recovery - all while sharing best practices from our home chapters.

Don't miss out! Past participants tell us they love coming to Chapter Leadership Forum because they get to meet their fellow chapter leaders, get new ideas and just have some fun so they can go home with a renewed energy.

There are two ways to participate!

Spread the word! Attending CLF is a great way to get participants more involved in your chapter!

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