A Sweet Way to Enhance Well Being

Intentional Chocolates is offering a discount on their products and donating proceeds to DBSA

Intentional Chocolate (IC), a gourmet chocolate and intentional-living company, strives to live up to its title of being an intentional company. A big part of intention is connection to the community and doing well for others. As part of this giveback, IC is connecting with DBSA to help promote our cause and donating 15% of its net profits to DBSA during the time we work with them.

Why chocolate?
Studies have shown that regular consumption of cocoa, a key ingredient in chocolate, has been found to improve cognitive function and mood because cocoa contains polyphenols. Polyphenols can increase the blood flow to the brain and boost the neurotransmitters serotonin and endorphin, all of which contribute to feelings of well-being.

Adding Flavor to Your Day
One of the tools that may be of interest is IC’s chocolate meditation tasting kit, which provides their chocolate and guided meditations. The concentration on the flavors introduces meditation to listeners by slowing the mind down to taste each flavor. This experience may help those seeking additional tools for their wellness plan, those wanting to live a more intentional life, or those just wanting a pleasurable chocolate experience…and offers the additional perk of simply enjoying the event of eating chocolate.

A Special Treat
In perfect time for Valentine’s Day, IC is giving a 15% off coupon for their chocolate for all DBSA chapters and other DBSA supporters with code DBSA15 (redeemable at the IC store).