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For Clinicians

Because DBSA is run by individuals with the lived experience of a mood disorder, we can offer clinicians and other professionals unique insight into the needs of patients and clients in areas such as treatment and communication. We believe that the best outcomes occur when the physician and patient are collaborative partners in the treatment decision-making process. 

DBSA is assisted by a 65-member Scientific Advisory Board comprised of the leading researchers and clinicians in the field of mood disorders. DBSA advocates for patients, encouraging productive consumer/provider partnerships. 

Resources for You

In addition to patient resources, DBSA offers a variety of educational programs addressing topics that may be of particular interest to clinicians. Read more...

Resources for Your Patients

DBSA offers a wealth of educational materials, personal wellness tools, and training to help individuals accelerate their journey to wellness.  Read more...

Research Studies

DBSA supports the efforts of scientists and clinicians to develop new and more effective treatments for mood disorders. Members of our Scientific Advisory Board are at the forefront of this research. Read more...