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Server Failure Update

On Oct 19, 2012, the company that hosts the Facing Us Clubhouse and Wellness Tracker notified DBSA that the server on which FacingUs.org resides had a critical failure on the system motherboard which resulted in total loss of website and database files. All efforts were exhausted to retrieve the data with no success. Subsequently the company has been reconstructing the site based on archived design files.

We are pleased to report that we were able to redeploy both the Facing Us Clubhouse and DBSA Wellness Tracker on FacingUs.org. We know that there will no doubt be some areas of the site that will have some problems and we ask for your help in notifying us (see below) should you discover any issues.

Unfortunately, less success was achieved in retrieving the user/member database. As a result, if you have registered or inputted personalized information in your Wellness Plan, Wellness Tips/Book, Journal, or the Wellness Tracker in the past 18 months, it won’t be accessible.

We are deeply sorry for the frustration and inconvenience this may cause some members of the Facing Us Clubhouse. We are committed to restoring and improving FacingUs.org.

The DBSA Team

How This May Affect You

Registered members of the Facing Us Clubhouse may be affected in the following ways:

  1. You may find that, depending upon when you first registered and last inputted data into FacingUs.org, you are unaffected.
  2. You may find that, upon logging into FacingUs.org, some or all of any inputted personalized information in your Wellness Plan, Wellness Tips/Book, Journal, or the Wellness Tracker in the past 18 months is no longer accessible.
  3. You may need to re-register for the site. If so, any information you had entered into FacingUs.org will no longer be accessible.


Is my personal information at risk?
No. This was a hardware issue. The data no longer exists.

I’m having a hard time logging into FacingUs.org. What should I do?

  1. First, check your login user name/email and password to ensure it was entered correctly.
  2. Follow the prompts to send a password reminder.
  3. Register again.

Please let us know if you discover any problems while in the Facing Us Clubhouse or while using the DBSA Wellness Tracker.

Report a Problem

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