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About Marc 'Davka' de Groot

Davka gifMarc, “Davka”, was a multifaceted person who lost his life to bipolar disorder on August 8, 2004.  While still in elementary school, he developed an interest in computers, chemistry, physics, rocketry, photography and amateur radio. At age 10, borrowing his parents' 8mm camera, he directed his friends in his first movie, supplementing the action with his own hand drawn cartoons. He developed an interest in music, tried his hand at piano lessons, but switched to the guitar when he became a Beatles fan.

Marc worked with several different computer companies, starting with IBM.  He worked on printer development, video game development, and operating systems for graphic work stations.  He became interested in artificial intelligence and virtual realty.  In a joint study with a neuroscientist, he applied that technology to enable paraplegic children to maneuver their wheelchairs through a virtual world using facial muscle movements.  He founded his own corporation, Immersive Systems, Inc., where among other things, he invented a virtual reality system for which he was issued a patent. 

Marc moved to Boulder, Colorado and began exploring an interest from his childhood, fractal geometry. He had done enough self-study of mathematics to be able to appreciate the beauty of mathematics and the many possibilities of fractal geometry.

Shortly after his move to Boulder, Marc took the name of Davka which in Hebrew means “in spite of everything.” Troubled by mood swings, Davka moved to Taos, New Mexico. He was attracted to the spirituality of the area and believed that it would help him conquer the effects of his bipolar disorder.  His art and accomplishments will live on to help others living with depression and bipolar disorder reach recovery and wellness.