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Dark Glasses & Kaleidoscopes [DVD Video]

Dark GlassesFor people living with bipolar disorder the view of life can seem dark and ominous, or deceptively beautiful.  In fact, bipolar disorder can twist and distort the minds of very healthy individuals, to the point that their jobs, their families, and even their lives can be lost.

It's important to understand that people with this illness do not cause their disease.  Bipolar disorder is a medical illness just like arthritis or diabetes.  But the good news, the hopeful news, is that this illness is very treatable.  People can regain what they've lost, and perhaps, can live in a world better than they've ever known.

This DVD is an exploration of the symptoms and treatment of bipolar disorder through honest, emotional testimony of people and families, who live with these illnesses.  You'll learn, too, of the powerful resources available through the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance.

Hosted by Tony Dow, this video will provide information, answers, and hope for all those who suffer, and for their families and friends.  See firsthand that treatment is available and successful for over 80% of people with bipolar disorder.

Running time: 33 minutes
Format: DVD


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