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2008 Facing Us Music Album

Contest Winners

1st Place 
1.  Radio Jesus (Ray Henry Ulrich) - Never Mind

2nd Place
2. Miria (S. Miria Jo) - Break Your Heart

3rd Place
3. Ben Arthur - Lifetime

4. Ben de la Garza Bassett - Your World, My Axis
5. Kathryn W. Boehm - Steering By A Star
6. Sam Dauphinais - Song About A Girl
7. Kevin Earley - The Sum of All Things
8. Esme - Drowningtime
9. Ken Flagg - Crack Baby
10. Fred Kohn - Nanite Invasion
11. Joe LaChance - Tell Me How Things Should Be
12. Maureen Murphy - In One Night
13. Justin Schwenk - Serotonin
14. Steve Sullivan - Think I’m Going To Heaven
15. Johnathan Thomas - Better Days
16. John David Wrong - The Outside

Note: The finalists are listed in
alphabetical order by last name.


 Facing Us Music Album CD cover

You'll receive: (1) CD, (1) CD sleeve, (1) tracking listing insert


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