Our Impact

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In 2016, more than 4.1 million people were touched by DBSA’s programs, services, and outreach. 1.9 million accessed information, education, resources, and hope on our websites. 49,624 found lifesaving in-person support in their communities through DBSA chapter-hosted support groups; 311 parents found shared understanding in our Balanced Mind Parent Network online community, and 2,061 peer specialists and peer supporters connected with each other, training, and resources to enhance their work as members of the Peer Leadership Center. Download the DBSA 2016 Impact Report to see how millions of lives were enhanced through DBSA’s work. 

But our true impact cannot be measured by numbers alone. A few of the people we serve and represent share their thoughts below about what DBSA's work, and your support, has meant to them.

I want to tell you what a "God send" DBSA has been to me. I started attending last year and have received many benefits by going to the meeting.  The most important being that I am not alone. Thank you for all your hard work and the work of the entire organization! ― DBSA Support Group Participant

The Wellness Tracker takes all the guesswork out of what to talk about with my doctors because they have the opportunity to see the whole picture and then ask about what they feel is most relevant. I tried several mood trackers before settling on the DBSA Mood Tracker.  In my opinion, there is no better tool available. ― DBSA Wellness Tracker User

The Balanced Mind Parent Network is a place to learn to trust myself, a place to experience compassion, and a place to be validated. A fantastic place to volunteer. ― Helpline Volunteer

I am currently a 2nd year Family Medicine resident in Jacksonville, Florida, and I love your website. I will definitely be sharing it with my colleagues and patients … great resources available to the community for free! ― Visitor to DBSAlliance.org

Honestly, there is SO much information online. It was great to have a course that synthesized it all together into an easily digestible introductory course. Wouldn't change a thing and just please keep synthesizing for us! We have the will but sometimes the dots are hard to connect when during episodes. Thanks again! ― Living Successfully Online Course Participant

I am brand new to this website and I am already really enjoying all that it has to offer. I see incredible potential here. It is really quite brilliant! My deepest thanks to the minds that created this wonderful self-help tool. I can see how usefully and guiding it can be. The wellness plan is outstanding. The Journal part is just what I was looking for, as I have a fear of writing my thoughts down. This is going to help a lot of people. Bravo to FacingUS. Honestly, I can't say enough good things about this. I am very grateful I stumbled upon this website. I just wish everyone suffering from a mental illness knew about this place. You guys are doing great things. Thanks again for helping me in my recovery and helping me become a better healthier person. This just the beginning, but my hope has just increased 10 fold. ― FacingUs.org Member

It is a privilege to see our members recover and discover their dreams. ― DBSA Chapter Leader

It is hard to describe how highly I value DBSA national and the DBSA Texas Grassroots Organization (GO). It has been truly life changing to be trained to advocate nationally for individuals’ civil and human rights, as well as to know how to have a direct impact on my state and local government. Importantly, I am also able to connect with other peers throughout the nation and in my own community. I see how advocacy helps us all better recognize our role and our value, and I think that really matters! ― DBSA GO Advocate

I am very excited to get started with peer support and feel that I have gained critical skills this week that have boosted my confidence. ― Pathways of Idaho Core PS training participant

I became a member of the Peer Leadership Center only last week. I am amazed at all the resources and information it has to offer. It is through the DBSA that I found out I really want to become a Peer Specialist. THANK YOU DBSA!
― Peer Leadership Center Member

I do not know how I stumbled on this site, but I am so grateful I did! I too suffer from severe depression and I am amazed to read some of the comments that I could have typed myself! … I am so grateful to all of you for your being here and for talking about this. I have felt so alone for so long thinking it was just me. ― DBSA Facebook Follower