President’s Message

In 2014, the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance made a bold declaration: our community should expect more. The cost of “settling” for better, rather than truly well, is simply too great. For people whose mood disorder symptoms are merely reduced, rather than completely addressed, there is significantly greater risk of relapse, functional impairment, co-occurring physical issues, and suicide.

We declared that 2014 would be The Year of Thriving, with DBSA taking the lead in shifting the focus from surviving mental health symptoms to building truly thriving lives. In addition to DBSA core programming—life-saving peer support, in-depth information, educational resources, training, and wellness tools—we delivered the 2014 Year of Thriving programs described in this Annual Report. These programs were designed to

Notably, in 2014 we welcomed the Balanced Mind Foundation into our family, creating the Balanced Mind Parent Network as our continuation of that organization’s fine work. We also launched a Target Zero to Thrive campaign, presented the Better is Not Well panel and weekend, and continued our Positive Six initiative.

DBSA could not have had the impact it did in 2014 without numerous partners: our dedicated board of directors, talented staff, tireless volunteers, inspiring Veteran peers and trainers, engaged corporate partners, generous individual investors, and the vital heart of our work—the nationwide network of chapters. They provide life-saving peer support, education, advocacy, and inspiration, making a thriving life possible for those of us who, like me, have a mood disorder.

With appreciation and all best wishes for your own journey to thriving,

President, DBSA